Collins Mfg Inc has developed a nucleus of top of the line equipment and software.  We invest for the future with brands like Matsuura, Nakamura, Tsudakoma, Hardinge, Solidworks and E2 and are constantly investigating new technologies and ideas to keep us on the “cutting edge”.  We recently (February 2011) purchased “Volumill, Ultra High-Performance Toolpath Generator” machining software as an add-on module for existing CAMWorks CAD/CAM system.


We routinely machine parts to “1 tenth” (.0001”) tolerances and in some cases have eliminated secondary grinding operations with hard turning and hard milling.


We machine a wide variety of metals and plastics and have experience with a wide variety of materials.  Tungsten, Inconel, Monel, Invar, Nickel and Titanium to 300 and 400 Series Stainless , Aluminum Brass and Peek are all routinely cut in our machines.  To see a full list of materials we machine see the “MATERIALS” Tab in the FACILITIES section. 

We work with JIT, Kanban and we are “Dock to Stock” with the majority of our customers.  Lot sizes vary from “one off” R&D machining to 10,000 piece runs with most orders being in the 25-100 piece range.  With 2 degreed engineers on our staff we work closely with our customers on their projects to ensure they receive what they are looking for.  We offer engineering and design support as well as Design For Manufacture (DFM) and cost reduction suggestions.